“Most People think that beauty and wellness depend on nature and age. We do not”

This is the principle that embraces Clinimed’s vision, that gives value to all activities: wellness and beauty aren’t inborn factors, they become a goal to reach, to build day by day.

Clinimed S.A.R.L, located in Beirut, Lebanon, is a medical device company established in 2006, that provides advanced aesthetic solutions to the professionals in the Lebanese market. Clinimed’s mission is to provide the highest possible value and advanced technology that leads the beauty and wellness.


Our flagship INMODE machines offer the latest technological innovation, and they are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding medical professionals.

In addition to INMODE machines, Clinimed partners with laboratories VIVACY, which is a french manufacturer specializing in the design, production, and distribution of high quality injectable medical devices for use in the field on Anti-aging, especially in the medical aesthetics introducing STYLAGE the fastest growing dermal filler in Europe.

Clinimed offers its clients exclusive services and highest technology and luxurious products, that are always supported by an advanced medical-scientific research. This research has the aim to not only fight against the signs of aging, and beauty flaws, but also to improve the quality of our lives. this is our real goal.